About The Nerd



By day, I’m a network engineer (I work from my home office in the middle of Kansas on the western side of the Flint Hills). I consult as Free Range LLC, specializing in the areas of enterprise wireless networking, cloud services, streaming media, and information technology strategy for houses of worship, education, business, and agriculture.

I am a Certified Wireless Network Expert, holding certificate #273. I am also an Ekahau Certified Survey Expert (Design) (#35), as well as certifications in design and troubleshooting with AirMagnet and IBWave Wi-Fi. 

By night, I am Husband and Dad, with an unhealthy appreciation for board and card games and tinkering with electronics. 

In the past, I’ve been a professional geek for industry titans such as IBM, Sun, GE, MCI, and industry nobodies whose names have been long forgotten. I’ve also been a broadcast techie, done a stint in the US Air Force, as well as spending a summer being an infantryman disguised as a tourist attraction in Ottawa with the Canadian Grenadier Guards.

As you may have guessed from that last bit, I was born and raised in Canada (it’s like a whole different country up there!), but have dual citizenship, and I came to the US in 1993 to join the Air Force and serve my other country.

For fun, I am a practitioner (with a major emphasis on practice, and have mostly retired from it for physical reasons) of WT-style (Olympic) Taekwondo, and recently received my 1st Dan black belt. Much like my CWNE, it was a big hairy ambitious multi-year goal that culminates in only the beginning of the journey. 

I also volunteer with Team Rubicon (where I am also the Region VII Technology Manager), IT Disaster Resource Center, and the United Methodist Church, where I chase disasters and punch them in the face.

I also like to take the occasional picture and post to Instagram.