Resurrection Online Production Workflow

  • Frank Griffin

    Great post, thanks Ian.

    Would you suggest:

    Flash Encoding
    Video: 320 x 240 @ 30fps
    H.264 Baseline 3.0 (200kbs)
    Audio: 44Khz Stereo
    AAC 56 Kbs

    for videos storied S3 for on-demand viewing?

    I am new to video and have no idea about these settings. The viewer I plan to use is the same as the one you’re using, the JWPlayer.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.



    I notice you encode for both

    • Ian Beyer

      That should be a good balance of quality vs. bandwidth, as long as you’re viewing it at its native size. With H.264 how well it scales will depend a lot on the encoder you use.

      In terms of bandwidth usage, also remember that cloudfront allows you to distribute s3 videos via streaming instead of progressive download. If people jump around your videos a lot, this could save you some bandwidth costs.

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